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I'm John Manners, digital artist out of Orlando, FL. I relocated from Jacksonville, FL to further my career. I specialize inprint, branding, web design, motion graphics, video editing, Illustration, and 3D.  My site, JZMDesigns, is filled with everything from graphic design, print, web design, and motion graphics. There is an array of multiple projects with the addition of photography work, which will be added soon.

The Anatomy of a Web Designer

The more experience I gain in web design, the more I realize most of these statics below to be relative to myself. The majority of web designers out there tend to be male, but of course that will decrease every year from that 78% mentioned. I think one of the reasons this will happen is because for most design jobs today, a lot of employers are looking for someone who can do more than just graphic design or one specific category of design. They're looking for an all-on-one designer who can edit video, code, knowledge of 3D design, etc.,

Another interesting stat I noticed is the age range mentioned of 25-34. Even though 47% of web designers are in that age range, I've ran into a lot who were a few years younger than 25, but very few over 34. Once most designers are in their mid 30s, they tend to move up to other positions such as art directors or senior art directors. 

Also mentioned in the infograph is the 82% of web designers who say they've never took part in any competition spec work, such as something you can partake on 99designs.com. I find this to be pretty accurate just because it takes so much time just to participate in competitions and doing all the work not knowing if you'll even win when you can find another freelance gig by networking or searching locally