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I'm John Manners, digital artist out of Orlando, FL. I relocated from Jacksonville, FL to further my career. I specialize inprint, branding, web design, motion graphics, video editing, Illustration, and 3D.  My site, JZMDesigns, is filled with everything from graphic design, print, web design, and motion graphics. There is an array of multiple projects with the addition of photography work, which will be added soon.

Keeping Up With Front-End Technology

Especially these days with front-end technology changing, evolving, and updating just about every year, it's always important to keep up  with the pace and stay current on design trends. At times it takes patience and can surely be overwhelming and challenging to have to learn new fronted development, How do you keep up, you might ask? It's not as hard as you might think.

When I'm keeping up with design and front-end technology, it's through a number of different resources that you have access to everyday. Whether it's through reading blogs, news sources, and online magazines, going to conferences, watching tutorials, networking with friends and coworkers or through social media like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn; these are plenty of ways to stay current with front-end technology.

Of course, this theory not only applies to evolving front-end technology. I use these same resources everyday to stay current on graphic design, motion graphics, video editing,  UI design, etc. These areas of design change just as much as the front-end side.

When following a creative talent through social media, it's always great to be on the lookout for those individuals who stay current just as much as you should be doing, and of more specifically, smart creatives with good ideas who are passionate about front-end technology.

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Front-end Rescue does a great job of sorting out all this information for you in specific categories from who to follow and their expertise on front-end technology, no matter if it's HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Performance, or Mobile development; there's an endless array of sources to you disposal. There's also a great list of blogs, online magazines, and podcasts, which are constantly updated with great content.

An overlooked area of staying current with front-end technology might be attending conferences such as HTML5DevConf, which is one of the largest conferences in the world. Sharing thoughts and ideas on the latest technologies in person can be a great asset to keeping up as a front-end designer to be able to discuss the best practices and standards. Just as easy, networking outside of a conference can be viable to keeping up with front-end technology

All these resources are put to waste if you don't practice them yourself and research front-end technology. When I want to learn a specific skill or practice, I find the best way to achieve this is by learning hands-on. Just creating a project and going through trial-and-error a few times until I find out a great method of design is what works for myself. Don't hesitate to jump into it, because in the end, it will come more natural than you might have imagined.

John Manners