JZM Designs


I'm John Manners, digital artist out of Orlando, FL. I relocated from Jacksonville, FL to further my career. I specialize inprint, branding, web design, motion graphics, video editing, Illustration, and 3D.  My site, JZMDesigns, is filled with everything from graphic design, print, web design, and motion graphics. There is an array of multiple projects with the addition of photography work, which will be added soon.

Key Aspects of Digital Content

When designing for the web today, simply creating a site, which can be viewed by a desktop audience isn't the most popular way to go. A growing number of people view more and more content on their phones everyday. Even though mobile design is more of a crucial audience to target, you shouldn't focus any less attention to other platforms such as tablets and desktop.

That being said, so many users are on their phones because it's more convenient and that's how a lot of media is consumed, whether it's social media or any other app, once they link to your site, it's of utmost importance for your users and visitors of your site to have the best experience possible.  Of course, because more times than not, if your site isn't responsive or multi-platform, you'll keep losing traffic.

Once you have your content and site distributed to all platforms, make sure you have a clear and precise way to distribute that content. Since there's a massive amount of content being pushed out everyday to millions of users, it's easy to get lost and have your site or other content already forgotten and in the rear-view mirror. Furthermore, of course because you want to get visitors to come back on a regular basis, you need to, in return push an equal amount of work out in a regular basis whether it's publishing blog posts, adding new media, or new features to your site.

Engaging your audience and being aware of what they like or don't like is also an important aspect of what keeps them coming back and why they use or follow your content. By having good campaigns and content, people will not only remember from a visual perspective because of good design, but would also be able to relate to since this where the human emotion takes effect, which helps tremendously. They'll automatically think you understand them. By having this key aspect, your audience will then spread your content through word of mouth or social media, for example.

This brings me to a final tip of creating great digital content, which is taking advantage of social media. It's a great tool that easily connects you to a larger audience. The ability to share digital content is always helpful since it not only gets you new visitors through your current audience if they share your content with their connections and peers, but it also gives you more visibility to all other areas of what you're putting out and trying to get noticed.