JZM Designs


I'm John Manners, digital artist out of Orlando, FL. I relocated from Jacksonville, FL to further my career. I specialize inprint, branding, web design, motion graphics, video editing, Illustration, and 3D.  My site, JZMDesigns, is filled with everything from graphic design, print, web design, and motion graphics. There is an array of multiple projects with the addition of photography work, which will be added soon.

Polygon Art Illustration

For a while, I've been interested in a certain type of art, which is polygon illustration. It just seem like sort of modern and traditional art combined, which is really intriguing. I've noticed ever since Adobe CS6 launched, they were using some polygon illustration for their marketing. Since then, I think it's been more popular because I see it at almost every design blog I visit. The thing I like about it is that it's so simple, yet different. It can turn anything ordinary like a background or portrait and give it more life. There are some hints of cubist style art, if you're familiar with George Braque or some of Picasso's work, in polygon illustration.

There are some apps out there that take advantage of this style of art which allow you to create polygon type images, but if you want to create something more detailed, of course,  Photoshop or Illustrator works best. You can turn almost any design into a magnificent polygonal illustration by injecting more artistic flair through filling all spaces with abstract forms of different color.

You can start by choosing an image with a strong silhouette if you want to work from reference or start with a blank canvas. This is what I usually choose to do. It gives you more creativity. Then choose a small color palette from there.