JZM Designs


I'm John Manners, digital artist out of Orlando, FL. I relocated from Jacksonville, FL to further my career. I specialize inprint, branding, web design, motion graphics, video editing, Illustration, and 3D.  My site, JZMDesigns, is filled with everything from graphic design, print, web design, and motion graphics. There is an array of multiple projects with the addition of photography work, which will be added soon.

The History Of Typography

One type of design I always try to work on and experiment with is typography. Design trends throughout the history of typography changed moderately, but even if a certain font or type isn't popular, it's always better to experiment with newer or different typography to set your project apart.

The infograph below demonstrates different the evolution of typography, where it originated, and how it evolved into a lot of fonts we use today.. You may notice some fonts, which are being used now, because they have become more popular.

John Manners